• "My husband destroys skillets because he cooks his meat-of-choice at high temperatures until he has the perfect brick. I purchased your ecopan skillet (which measures 11-3/4" from rim to rim & has a blue interior) thinking the ceramic would be healthier than the teflon he was currently ingesting on his "bricks." I love the skillet & want to purchase another as a gift to my daughter in law."
    [ : J ][ : USA ]

  • "I love the Green colour of your pans. It makes them stand out. I was telling people at work about the frypan. And I told the guy to look for the green bottom. The only defect that I have found with your pan, is its green bottom. I love the colour, but it seems to wear off. I have a regular electric stove with the coil burner. I am not sure how a gas range or glasstop would effect the bottom of the pan or how it may effect a glass-top range. I still love the YOUR nonstick. It is one of my favorite frypans. I love that it is not teflon. If you could fix the bottom so the green would not chip or wear off, it would improve your already wonderful product."
    [ : Lynn ][ : Brampton, Canada ]

  • "Please include me on your mailing list. Thanks!"
    [ : Sheila ][ : USA ]

  • "I bought some of your pans in Thailand for our yacht and LOVED them."
    [ : Gavin ][ : USA ]

  • "I love your line of hard anodized cookware. I am replacing all of my cookware with the harmful PFTE, etc with Ceramic. "
    [ : Stephanie ][ : Toronto, Canada ]

  • "I found them just by chance. I wasn't really looking for them but they meet all the requirements I wanted in cookware especially the "no heavy metals" part. I actually live in Pennsylvania in the USA but have family in Maryland so either would be great. I would love to buy some more."
    [ : Christi ][ : MD, USA ]

  • "I recently purchased some Ecopan Cookware and would like additional pieces. Can I get some ordering information, please."
    [ : Georgia ][ : PA, Canada ]

  • "Can you please tell me where I can purchase Ecopan in USA? Also, please attach a catalog of all of the pieces of Ecopan available. Many people in USA want Ecopan! :)"
    [ : Bill ][ : AL, USA ]

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